I don't know where you are today....

Sitting here alone with my memories
Staring at a picture of you and me
They say I look fine but if walls could talk
They’d tell you all about how much I break apart
I think we were right but we did it wrong
Every since you left me I just can’t go on
No I can’t even read the news today
‘Cause everything reminds me of yesterday

Empty room
Empty heart
Since you’ve been gone
I must move on

I never realised it could make me cry
To hear the children laugh and play outside
A walk in the park shouldn’t be that bad
But everything without you seems to make me sad
I thought we were good we were meant to be
The way it turned out is still a mystery
No I can’t even read the news today
Reminds me of yesterday

Postat av: LINA

sv,okej då vet jag! men när är tävlingen slut då? :Å

2010-07-13 @ 23:58:02
URL: http://linahammarstrom.blogg.se/

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